El aceite esencial de Origanum Majorana (Mejorana-Pranarom) modula la actividad cerebral, ejerce efectos ansiolíticos y reduce la puntuación del VAS, en pacientes tras 10 sesiones de entrenamiento con NeurOptimal®.

Origanum majorana Essential Oil Reduces VAS Score and Modulates Cerebral Activity during 10 NeurOptimal® Sessions in Patients
María Eugenia Cabaña-Muñoz, Carmen Pérez Laso, José María Parmigiani-Izquierdo, José Joaquín Merino
We have evaluated whether NeurOptimal® training could modulate brain activities at pre (PRE) and post-training (POST) during 10 NeurOptimal® (NO) sessions in healthy participants with (n=13) and without Origanum majorana (n=13) stimulation. This essential oil has been impregnated on their nasal filters during all training sessions in (n=26, healthy volunteers; 13 participants that were stimulated with Origanum majorana stimulated with this essential oil as compare with 13 participants without exposure to this odor). Divergence (DIV) reflects the efficacy of NO training on cerebral activity in healthy volunteers with//without Origanum majorana essential oil stimulation during all NO learning sessions in a dental clinic. DIV is the difference of total brain activity reached at Pre-learning (PRE) minus Post-training (POST) values. As consequence of NO overtraining, Origanum majorana induces fluctuation on brain activity in these healthy participants. In fact, higher divergences suggest the information has not been integrated at that specific learning session yet. Conversely, negative divergences or values close to zero indicate the information is being integrated at certain moment during NO training. In addition, Origanum majorana stimulation reduces VAS (Visual Analog Scale) scores after NeurOptimal® training as compare to participants non expose to this odor. Thus, Origanum majorana essential oil could induce desired changes on cerebral activity and also reduces variations on brain activities
NeurOptimal®/Neurofeedback, brain plasticity, neuromodulation, brain stimulation, aromateraphy (Origanum majorana essential oil), nasal filters (activated carbon), stress/anxiety in patients visiting a dental clinic, biological dentistry, dentist
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